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The best motivation advice to create new leaders from your team

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If there is only one thing you can do with full dedication, make it family time

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What is the true nature of data nowadays rather than the lacking “data is the new oil” metaphor?

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How to overcome the excessive time of meetings of remote work culture?

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Home-office is not only a freelance culture anymore, but will also be usual in traditional business.

Get rid of the excess in your life and take control of your buying behavior

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Becoming a winner or a loser depends on the steps you take starting from today

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Leadership is not just a position that you hold but rather praise from your fellows and followers, so appreciate it

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Leverage child development patterns to harmonize your life at an optimum between “development power of unknown” and “the joy of known”

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  • they are fantastic at observing life and associating new inputs with their tiny treasures of knowledge and achieving exponential growth,
  • on the other hand, they are really boring with their endless insistence on repeating the same things (or the things that…

Simplify your daily life choices to release more mental energy for the rest of your life

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We are making +35.000 decisions each and every day

All start with being aware and dreaming for the better

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Fatma Cengiz Altıntaş

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